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Number Nutters Answers

22 February 2011

If you have taken part in the Number Nutters quiz trail at the Museum this half term and would like to check your answers, we've added them below - no cheating if you haven't already completed the quiz though!

Page One
Daimler - 1897
Top Speed - 20mph
Answer to sum - 315

Blacksmith's animal - 4

Standard factory clocks - 2

Total number of wheels - 17

Motorcycle makers -
C - 25  T - 4  M - 15

Birds on the Swift logo - 3

Top speeds:
1925 Lea Francis - 40mph
1929 Austin Swallow - 35mph
1960 Armstrong Siddeley - 100mph

Cycles on white fence - 7

Triumph Italia numberplate is different because it's from Canada

Cars parked on Ring Road - 4

Cars in Light Cars Showroom - 3

Page Two
ThrustSSC was 130mph faster

Engines in ThrustSSC - 2

Parachutes needed to slow down ThrustSSC - 2

In ThrustSSC you could get to London in 8 minutes, New York in 340 minutes

The clock is in the Board Room

The Job Axe Falls on Peugeot and 700 people lsot their jobs

Jaguars in Boomtown - 3

Trophies in the Antelope display case - 36

Stanley Glanfield travelled 18,000 miles

On the green Porsche the number 33 is written 4 times

Answer to sum - 86

Cars in Motorsport gallery - 16

Number on Des O'Dell Peugeot - 444

Answer to sum - 24

How many wheels?
Salvo Quadricycle - 4
Hercules - 2
BSA - 2

What do brakes do? Stop the wheels from moving.

Page Three
Vehicle ages:
Sinclair C5 - 26
Hillman - 76
Raleigh - 34
Lambretta - 43
Model T Ford - 88
Rotary - 135
Standard - 1930

The oldest is Rotary Tricycle
The newest is Sinclair C5

In race order:

1st - 1977 Tyrell 190mph
2nd - 1970 Chevon 175mph
3rd - 1958 Cooper 170mph
4th - 1968 Chevon 160mph
5th - 1972 Porsche - 144mph
6th - 1928 Lea Francis - 64mph

Difference between fastest and slowest - 126mph
The oldest car went 64mph

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