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Second World War 1939 to 1945

When WW2 broke out, Coventry’s factories turned once again to producing vital supplies for the war effort. So-called ‘shadow factories’ had already been built in anticipation of war with Germany. Daimler, Rootes, Standard and a number of other Coventry firms operated them on behalf of the government, recruiting women to fill the roles as the city’s men signed up to fight again.

Coventry’s many factories made it a prime target for the Luftwaffe. On the 14th November 1940, the city was devastated by a prolonged aerial attack codenamed Moonlight Sonata by the Germans. Approximately 568 people died, 863 were badly injured and 4,300 homes were destroyed. Coventry’s medieval cathedral was set on fire at about 8pm – one of more than 200 fires that raged across the city.

A third of the city’s factories were destroyed or severely damage, but the effects on war production were only temporary, with many of the damaged factories getting back to full production just months following the raid.

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Mike Brewer announced as President of Coventry Transport Museum Patron Scheme

On Thursday 13 October Coventry Transport Museum proudly revealed Mike Brewer as the new President of the Patron Scheme.
Hear the news from the man himself and find out why he is supporting the museum.